Here's a few unsolicited customer responses to the custom work we did for them.

    Holy Mackinaw Sarah......I just about fell out of my chair. Incredible, fantastic.....I love it."

    Rod Churchill

    I would like to say the jerseys were a huge hit this season and almost every player in our 8-team division wants to play for me next season. Thanks for the awesome art work!


    "WOW!!! Absolutely AMAZING! I knew I came to the right place! I am truly taken back as to how you all were able to create this perfectly based off the description that I gave."


    That is perfect. You guys came through. I love it. Perfect job. Amazing. Thank you so much!

    and FITNESS

    Rival Art is a pleasure to work with and I will always look to you guys first for artwork outside of the my company when we are looking to save design time and get a first class product.


    I am really happy I chose to work with you guys.


    One more time, thank you very much for this 4 art works. They are great !!!!!!! Nice, wonderful, marvelous!! We are very happy of the result. Thank you for all the team. A very special for our favorite artist CHRIS the great. We are waiting him with champagne wine. A bientôt et merci beaucoup.

    Votre sincere,

    Damn that is freaking crazy! You guys are the best!


    It is a beast !!!!

    Best regards,

    Fantastic!!!! You guys rock!!! You have a lifetime customer now!! I will definitely recommend you all!! Thanks a million!


    It looks great! Thank you so much for the hard work. The design is exactly what we were looking for. You all nailed it and I can't thank you enough!

    THANK YOU!!!!

    I don't know what to say any more, but I'll try. Absolutely bl**dy brilliant (as we say in England).


    Thank u very much. I will never go any place else for custom artwork! U guys are the best!!! Take care.


    Again, our hats off to the artists, he has done a great job to get to the final design. We are very pleased.

    Thank you all very much,

    Brilliant as always!

    the Wizard

    Love it. Absolutely love it! I can't wait to see the finished product tomorrow! Thanks for taking care of us. :-) Btw, I expect you all will be getting referrals from me to others for future work. I've already sent the sketch to a few folks, who got excited. :-)

    CPT Douglas Pryer

    Livermore Phantom Lacrosse Club had its first event over this past weekend - an introduction and mini-clinic of the sport of lacrosse presented to the parents and children of our community. The event was a tremendous success due in large part to the incredible marketing pieces we were able to assemble using the logo designed and developed by Rival Art. We had banners and marketing pieces with the logo prominent throughout the day and the rave reviews were numerous and continuous. Many parents and kids commented on the "cool" logo and exciting design that we chose. In addition, our return on investment in partnering with Rival Art paid for itself three times over in a single day! We inked 110 T-shirts to raise money for the event and they were all gone by the end of the day. We have more on order and will continue to drive revenue thanks to the eye-catching, creative design that Rival Art has provided. You and the staff at Rival Art have been simply amazing throughout the whole process. Artwork was delivered when promised, adjustments were made with ease, and when I needed to change the Phantom color theme two months later, your understanding cooperation and quick response was simply the finest example of customer service I have experienced in quite some time. Thank you for providing a truly professional product with such outstanding service. Many people have asked who did our design. Please know that I always credit the work to Rival Art and encourage people to visit your website should they need design work of their own. Great Job! Thanks!

    Bob Mezul
    Livermore Phantom Lacrosse

    Just wanted to say Thanks for a job well done. I didn't even know where to begin on this one. It looked great and my customer really liked it!! I will use you guys again in the future. We do our own graphics, but have been very busy lately and just did not have the time.

    Thanks Again,
    Robin DeRueda

    Thank you very much for your design work, it came out great.

    Tick Boss

    This is incredibly awesome!! You are making it real hard to choose because both pieces are very nice. However after some discussion with my partner - we decided to go with the red banded because it will give us more color options. (Will probably look brighter on a navy or blue shirt) Thanks so much for your help! I will recommend anyone to you that I come across!

    South Florida Training Center

    Thanks very much for a great job on the logo. I love it.

    from God

    WOW... we love it !!!! I cannot tell you how happy we are with this!!! How would you feel about us putting your "logo" on our website with our appreciation? www.sanantoniosidewinders.com

    Tracy Huff, President
    San Antonio Sidewinders

    First of all, i'd like to thank you for a great logo. it has been very nice working with you and all of us at killer bee printing love the finished product. please thank any of your staff who helped create our logo. we want to commend them on their talents in creating such a nice flashy logo - exactly what we wanted. i have no doubt we will hear many compliments on the logo. i don't know how you decide which samples you put on your site, but we would love to see ours be included. we will certainly be using you as our logo source in the future. this is one area we have not promoted heavily, but after our logo we will be giving logo design a definate push. once again, thank you very much.

    Killer Bee

    Thank you again. I am very happy with the job you've done and will be recommending you to my fellow fantasy football players.

    Steve Mayes
    Big Kahunas Fantasy Football

    Thank you soooo much for the wonderful job. I have two things to discuss. I incorrectly told you Pacific Northwest and it's actually Pacific Region. Would it be too much to ask to change, "Northwest" to "Region"? Secondly if you could send this to me in Corel 9 it would be much appreciated. Please be assured that I will not only use your group again but I will recommend you to the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters and all the individual Regions and Squadrons for their work needs as well. Thank you again. Please feel free to use this letter as a promotional piece if you wish. Again, great work! I can't say it enough.

    Kind regards,
    Capt. Ron (Doc) Waling CAP

    Words can not express how happy we are with the finshed product. It has met our expectations and then some. We truly appreciate your teams efforts and will look forward to our next venture with JAM'N ART.

    Viva La Fiesta!

    I just wanted to tell you thanks again for the FABULOUS design. It really couldn't have been better. The tee shirt was a huge success!! I can't even tell you how many times people expressed how much they liked it. The boys were definitely thrilled and many put them on over their shirts and ties as we were passing them out at the banquet.

    Cedar Park Timberwolves

    I can not thank you enough for being so responsive to us. Thank you again - your customer service is superb. Sincerely,

    Barbra Jarvis
    Walk for Mrs. DeSalvo

    Thanks Jamnart! Everything worked great and I now have all my artwork back! I really appreciate your courtesy on this matter. It's refreshing to know there are still really nice people out there willing to help others! I'm very impressed with your efforts and outstanding professionalism. I will continue to use and refer your web site to as many people as I can. Thank you again and I will check out the bulldog stuff you have listed. Sincerely,

    Joe Settles
    Chino Hills, Ca.

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to let know how things are going. I was hoping for a good response to the last job you did for me for the basketball varsities; but, the last time we talked I wasn't having very much luck. Thankfully one coach from another college saw it and asked me to do something for his team. I used one of your templates and embroidered it onto some sweatshirts, I delivered the job less than an hour ago and he just rang me for more shirts along with two enquiries from different clubs in the college, and the sports officer want to talk to me tomorrow about doing all the college merchandise. He has also giving me contacts for all the primary, secondary school basketball teams along with all the university teams and the national league teams. He has also requested we do the gear for one of the regional teams for the next 5 years so we will have to come up with something good for that one!! I also have some more design work I need for another intervarsity competition that's coming up, I will be in touch with you on that one over the next few days.

    Mark Hennessey
    Leisure Image

    So happy we didn't fax our primitive design. Yours is fabulous!! We all just love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell the designer how great it is. He/She did a fantastic job, so very creative. We are so going to talk up your site!! We love the design so much that we are having shirts, flags and caps printed. Will have to send you pictures. We'll let you know ASAP about the format. Thanks so much again. You are great to work with.

    Order of the Red Toenail

    Thank you for an awesome design. Our pool league will wear this logo proudly, and I will be ordering more designs in the very near future! Thanks Guyayne (Annie)

    Sand Bar
    Marco Island Florida

    I'm incredibly pleased with your work on my fantasy football logo! As far as your question regarding which file format I require, I'm not sure I understand the question. However, I saved the artwork from the link in it's native JPEG form and beyond that, I'm not sure what choices I have. Again, I'm just thrilled with your product. I may not always win my leagues, but my logo is cool.

    David Fewkes
    INSOC TimeBombs

    She is BANGIN'!!! You guys did an AWESOME job!!! I'll be sure to recommend you to all of my softball buddies. Thanks for everything.

    Corey McKelvie
    Bad Intentions Softball

    Great job, like you always do. I can recommend your company to anyone.

    Stan Swede
    California Marquee

    Thank you for our new logo it is awesome! The school is really excited about all the possibilities your art work will provide. One of the local t-shirt companies we work with would like the logo in Corel Draw with Black-White-Gold color seperation (if that is possible). Thank you for all you have done for us.

    Robert A. Benavides
    Jewel Wietzel Center

    Wow! That looks WAY better than what I even pictured! Thanks!

    Tony Brunson

    You guys have been great to work with. I appreciate everything.. I will direct friends who can utilize your services and I look forward to working with you in the future... By the way you should post a message of your services on softball sites such as www.theoldscout.com/www.seroiussoftball.com may be some business for you... Thank you again,

    Theodore H. Quarterman Jr.
    Cypress Care, Inc.

    Greetings: I would like to thank Jam'n Art for a beautifully crafted logo and symbol for my school. The design turned out far better than I could have hoped. Thank you very much for a job well done! Sincerely,

    Sa-Bom Richard E Floyd
    Cougar Martial Arts

    It looks outstanding!!! I like the one with the Mountains and fire and sunset. I will run it by the team and see what they think. Can we also use this as a graphic if we ever do a website, we would also like to be able to use it on our stationary and a large banner. Can you make the files we need for that? Thanks so much! I will be in touch.

    Nick Gravina
    South Metro Firefighter Combat Challenge Team

    The picture is awesome. Is there anyway we can make one itsy bitsy change? We moved it to New Port Richey from Galveston? If I need to pay another charge - just hit my credit card again. Let me know, and thanks!!! It really looks awesome.

    Kevin Coppins
    DFG Social Club

    I am so incredibly pleased with this I'm SPEECHLESS. I will get ahold of you tomorrow(Friday) after I contact my screenprinter. I have the feeling we will be working ALOT together in the future. Thank your designer for INCREDIBLE work.

    Tony Gomez

    Thank you again for your great service. It looks very good. Please deliver the design in corel 9 and adobe Illustrator. Thanks again.

    Sylvester Henry III
    Jailhouse Generation

    It looks awesome, even better then I thought it would come out. I like the unique shape and extra large font, its different and not like all the other designs. I'm getting quotes right now for T-shirts and will let you know about the format. If I want to use this file for printing decals or something like that, do I use the JPG you sent, or do you have a higher quality file for that purpose?

    Yacht Lights

    Thanks so much. Your service is awesome and I will suggest it to everyone.

    Liz Zeigler
    Zig Built Construction, LLC

    I am beside myself...In the most apprecative way. This is nothing short of AWSOME. My idea was transformed from Great to Extraordinary. Thank you,

    Predator Martial Arts

    Hi People, I want to thank you so much for the wonderful work that you did on our logo!! It looks fantastic!!!!!!!!! Again...........thank you for the job that you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lori Kroening
    Prepare for Takeoff Flyball Club

    Thanks Debbie! You have always been very pleasant, patient, and helpful. You are the greatest! You represent yourself and you company very well. My experience with you and your company has always been pleasant and as such, I will continue to do business with Rivalart.


    I love the Mooseagle with New Hampshire. You really do nice work at Rival Art!

    H&H Laser Engraving

    Corel Draw is the vector file format we would prefer to work with. The Logo looks great! I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism used to create this logo. It was a big hit with the board.

    Al Martineck, Athletic Director
    New Lenox Youth Football Association

    The work you have done is beautiful. it gives my ministry a identity. Merry christmas to you all at rival art. I will consider you for future graphic art needs. God bless you,


    The logo is perfect...great job!!! Please quote me on how much it will cost to create different looks...for example the figure holding a leaf blower, weed eater, push mower? Thx.


    Thank goodness I checked! I never received this, and he's fabulous! I don't know what went wrong, but I am very glad I contracted with you guys for this project. The next xtep is to move forward with the dragon.


    As always, great sketch...way cool...you know...you should probably do this sort of thing professionally. I bet people would even pay you for it! You probably don't know this, but if you ever have wondered what became of your finished product last time we ordered...check out http://www.gcmha.com ...your two cougars are virtually everywhere. Something really odd happened as well. We thought the response from the younger kids in our association would have been awesome....well, you won't believe this, but the older kids (those 12-18) that you normally don't see much emotion from...well, they think the new Cougars that you created are amazing! They couldn't wait to wear their new jerseys with your Cougar's on them! I bet you as well hear this quite often...but I'm very sorry that you weren't at the arena's when we were showing off our new jerseys, or when the kids got them for the first time. Many of us on the executive, coaches and parents got choked up when we saw the kids eyes light up, and then saw the incredible smiles on their faces. I wish we could have boxed it up and sent it to you. They marveled at your creation. They touched it, and then held it up for their parents to see, and then looked at it some more...and then looked around the room to their teammates...it was really something. It was a moment of bliss for them, and for that, we are indebted to you. Thank you.

    John (J.P.) McCormack
    Chair, GCMHA Tournaments (The Cougar Cup) Gloucester Centre Minor Hockey Association GCMHA Master Control

    Hello, thank you VERY much for getting back to me so promptly Here at Coventry University Boxing Club we are all VERY VERY VERY Satisfied & Impressed in the Fantastic team logo you and your team have designed. So a big BIG thankyou all. The final artwork we've decided on, even though it was a very tough decision is the awesome circular design with the fantastic red colours. Could you please forward that artwork? Once we're ready to take it to our embroiderers we'll ask them what vector file they want it in, but as it is getting embroidered, a jped might be alrite, but we'll find out. Is there anywhere we can leave feedback on your excellent service so far? Thankyou once again.

    Harpal Lidder
    Coventry University Boxing Club

    Hi, Another Great job! Would you please send it to me in Corel Draw 7 and Adobe Illustrator. Thanks a lot to you and your staff.

    Sylvester Henry III
    Barbell Bouncer

    That is outrageous!!! I really love it!!! Thanks.


    The artwork is AWESOME! That is exactly what I wanted. You guys were great to work with. I will definitely be using you again.

    OK State Fan.com

    I just opened the JPEG and am very pleased. Thank you for your hard work getting this done. I will contact you soon with the vector format I'll need. Well done!

    Charlie Mullin
    Coach, Creen Cheetahs

    Yes this logo represents exactly what I wanted. The colors and all, I really think it is brilliant..outstanding, bravo... Thanks again,

    Gary Ross Soccer Academy

    I'm usually not one to gush over great service; I expect it. But when my expectations are far exceeded, as they have been in this case... WOW! It's amazing how your designer, Doug, was able to capture the feel of exactly what I was looking for in an eye-catching logo for my business. The color scheme is awesome. Thank you for your professional and unique work! You come highly recommended!

    Sheri Wallace
    The Iron Filly

    You are the greatest!! It looks great. I definitely like the pink snout better. Thanks again for working with me on the changes. Please thank your artist for me as well. I appreciate your patience. It's a been a pleasure doing business with you. Rival Art is my number one recommendation to anyone with graphic needs!

    Nora Joseph
    BTH Genetics

    Thanks, you are as they say..."Da bomb"

    Coach Glenn
    Union City Devil Dogs

    Jamn, Your time and patience is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the awesome logos! And just to let you know, I have already recommended Jam'n Art to a friend in the process of a new business venture.

    Iron Filly

    Oh my gosh - I LOVE IT! Thank you so much! It looks fantastic! Thanks again!

    Denise Peacock
    Redneck Jamboree

    Yeeeaaahhh, you did it. I guess I'm showing my age. "By Jove, I think she's got it" came from the original My Fair Lady. And by jove, you've got it. Let me talk to my t-shirt people about what format they want. You've made my day. This is really well done. Thanks,

    Terry McBride
    Motherlode Mixed Martial Arts

    Awwweeeessssssoooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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