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    Need an aggressive kangaroo running with a football while throwing a stiff-arm? Or maybe you want him giving a forearm with a goalpost in the background. You're at the right spot to get a unique character illustration for your design! Simply tell us what you want and order the sketch. We'll tweak it to your liking and if you want, we'll ink, vector color and place it into a complete design. Have us do as much or as little as you want. The most crucial step in creating your perfect design is a high quality sketch. Take a look at our customer samples and rest assured that we can deliver the quality sketch you need.

    Custom Sketch

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    Optional Services

    Clean, Ink & Vector (starting @ $75)

    This is where we clean up the sketch then professionally ink it with crisp, black ink. We then vectorize the inked illustration and make sure all vector paths are closed. This is a necessary process if you will be needing your illustration to be be in vector format.

    Color (quoted) (after vector)

    This service is where we would professionally color your illustration to your specifications. Vector shading is also included if you want it - we'll just need to know the total color limit. This process can only be done after the clean, ink & vector process.

    Design Integration + $39

    This is our most popular method of creating a full design with your 'vectorized' illustration. You simply choose a design from one of our website products and we color it, change the text and integrate your finished, 'vectorized' illustration into it. You can choose any logo or t-shirt design we offer.

    Design from Scratch ($75 hr)

    If you're needing a complete design that is uniquely different from any of our ready-made design products, we can create your design from the ground up. Tell us how you want the fonts, background elements and colors and we will create it all from scratch.


    What people say

    ""WOW!!! Absolutely AMAZING! I knew I came to the right place! I am truly taken back as to how you all were able to create this perfectly based off the description that I gave."

    Luster Apparel

    "So happy we didn't fax our primitive design. Yours is fabulous!! We all just love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell the designer how great it is. He/She did a fantastic job, so very creative. We are so going to talk up your site!! We love the design so much that we are having shirts, flags and caps printed. Will have to send you pictures. We'll let you know ASAP about the format. Thanks so much again. You are great to work with."

    Brenda - Order of the Red Toenail

    "Thank you for our new logo it is awesome! The school is really excited about all the possibilities your art work will provide. One of the local t-shirt companies we work with would like the logo in Corel Draw with Black-White-Gold color seperation (if that is possible). Thank you for all you have done for us."

    Robert A. Benavides - Jewel Wietzel Center

    "I am so incredibly pleased with this I'm SPEECHLESS. I will get ahold of you tomorrow(Friday) after I contact my screenprinter. I have the feeling we will be working ALOT together in the future. Thank your designer for INCREDIBLE work.."

    Tony Gomez - SportsWhore.com

    "Hello, thank you VERY much for getting back to me so promptly Here at Coventry University Boxing Club we are all VERY VERY VERY Satisfied & Impressed in the Fantastic team logo you and your team have designed. So a big BIG thankyou all. The final artwork we've decided on, even though it was a very tough decision is the awesome circular design with the fantastic red colours. Could you please forward that artwork? Once we're ready to take it to our embroiderers we'll ask them what vector file they want it in, but as it is getting embroidered, a jpeg might be alright, but we'll find out. Is there anywhere we can leave feedback on your excellent service so far? Thank you once again.."

    Harpal Lidder - Coventry University Boxing Club/a>